Ant Control: House Ants and Other Crawling Insects…

The end of winter is a cause to celebrate; the return of warm weather, the anticipation of spring and summer. But when spring and summer arrive, so can hoards of ants. Hundreds or thousands of them can literally appear overnight.

Ants are one of the most common pests in and around homes in the Midwest. Ants have a wide variety of nesting habits and food preferences. Some ants build nests in soil, producing characteristic mounds while others nest in homes behind moldings, baseboards, countertops, and similar places. Still other ants nest in decaying or moisture damaged wood.

Many ants enter homes from outside nests as they forage for food. To find their nest, follow the ants. You can encourage foraging by setting out attractive food. Ants usually take regular routes to and from their nest and the food source by establishing a chemical (pheromone) trail. The nest may be found by watching where the ants go; for some ants, such as carpenter ants, this works best at night. If the nest is discovered, it can be treated or removed (in the case of rotted wood).

Damage from ants varies. Most are primarily a nuisance and cause little damage. Some, such as Pharaoh ants, may infest food. Others, like carpenter ants, can weaken wood in structures. Generally, there are no disease problems associated with ants. In hospitals, Pharaoh ants can transmit disease organisms, such as Staphylococcus.

Can you get rid of ants? Outdoor nests can be very difficult to eliminate without chemicals. Using water to flood nests is usually not effective. Use of gasoline also is ineffective and dangerous and causes environmental pollution. Repeated drenchings of a nest with an insecticidal soap solution is sometimes effective in forcing an ant colony to relocate. Remember you must kill or relocate the queen to manage an ant colony.

To get rid of ants, it’s best to call a professional. Anderson has the training and decades of experience necessary to eliminate ant infestations and return peace to your home or office.

Problem solved

Anderson has been solving all kinds of ant issues for generations. We’ll quickly eliminate ants, show you likely spots where they are entering your home, and recommend ways to ensure your house gets sealed and stays ant-free.

Anderson is experienced in handling problems caused by:

To identify the specific ant causing a problem on your property, consult the Pest Identification section of our site.

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