Bees and Wasps – Treatment and Removal

Nothing Beneficial About Getting Stung!

Yellow Jacket Wasp

Yellow Jacket Wasp

Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets… they pollinate plants and flowers and keep the natural world green and growing. But they also carry a nasty sting.

Stinging insects – although sometimes environmentally beneficial – should not be near your home and family. They can be dangerous to people and often destructive to structures.

During spring and summers months, new colonies can emerge and hives form. Then, as fall weather hits, bees and wasps can become easily agitated as they seek pollen, water or shelter.

Nest Treatment and Removal

Anderson will safely and carefully eliminate bees or wasps and their nests from your home or property. Usually, our process is to first treat the nests one or more times to eliminate the insects. Then, we’ll come back on a day when it is safe to remove the nests.

What happens if bee or wasp nests form again? Don’t worry. If you choose Natural Choice® Home, we will come back to your home as often as needed for no extra charge any time a new colony appears. Anderson also treats for mites, spiders, a host of flying insects, and insects that are attracted to stored products such as flour or grains. Our pestfree365 protection treatment plan ensures your home and family is protected year round from over 36 different pests that appear with each new season.