Carpenter Ants: The Other Termite

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Close up image of carpenter ant

March 26 is officially Make Up Your Own Holiday, so we’re going out on a limb by dedicating the day to an insect that needs more exposure. We’re calling it Carpenter Ant Awareness Day, and we’re sharing information that exterminators across Illinois hope will help you understand these destructive bugs a little better.

The Other Termite

Just like termites, carpenter ants inflict serious damage to a home’s wood structure. However, their bad habits don’t involve turning the house into a meal. Instead, they move in and tunnel through wood as they establish their colonies. Carpenter ants often start by excavating areas that are damp or damaged by wood decay. Once they’re inside, they build nests by chewing through your home’s structure. As the colony matures, the ants make room for their population boom by expanding their territory throughout the house.

They Swarm Too

Professionals who specialize in carpenter ant control often get calls from homeowners who mistake flying ants for termite invasions. Winged carpenters are sure signs of a colony that’s several years old. The first unwelcome pests establish and expand the nest, and they’re responsible for tunneling through your home’s structure. Later on, the queen produces winged carpenter ants that swarm in search of new territory. Because they’re nocturnal, you might not know that they’re living in your walls until you spot the winged ants swarming. By then, the colony in your home is supporting as many as 2,000 worker ants.

Ant Sights and Sounds

Black carpenters are some of North America’s largest ants measuring half an inch in length, and they sport yellowish hairs on their abdomens. If you spot them in the garden, they might be tending to the aphids. The tiny insects produce a juice that carpenters enjoy sipping, so the ants feed and protect their little food sources. If you notice small sawdust trails around the house or hear rustling noises behind the walls, it’s time to contact professional exterminators who know how to tackle a heavy infestation.

If ants threaten to ruin Make Up Your Own Holiday at your house this year, just call the experts at Anderson Pest Control. We offer environmentally responsible carpenter ant control services to Illinois home and business owners, and we back our work with The Anderson Guarantee. When you need eco-effective solutions for any type of pest problem, we’re always happy to help.