Bed Bug Preparation for Treatment

To provide the best possible outcome, it is essential that the area(s) to be treated are properly prepared prior to Anderson Pest Solutions’ arrival to perform treatment. This includes the initial treatment as well as all follow-up visits. The following items must be completed by the client prior to the bed bug treatment. Please note that your technician will not be able to perform the treatment or, at a minimum, the treatment will be compromised if the areas are not prepared properly. If more time is needed to complete the below items, please contact Anderson Pest Solutions at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled service date at 1-866-696-BUGS.

Click on one of the links below to view the Preparation Checklist for your particular business or organization.

BedBug_Market-Housing Bed Bug Prevention for Healthcare Bed Bug Prevention for Schools Bed Bug Prevention for Office

Download a Preparation Checklist in English:Downloadable PDF Logo
Download a Preparation Checklist in Spanish:Downloadable PDF Logo