Electronic Documentation

Introducing PESTREND® – Anderson’s Online Report Management System

When all is said and done, one of the most important aspects of our service is the documentation we provide. Service documentation is a key ingredient in delivering superior pest solutions, and is essential to successful third-party audits. Anderson recognizes this and is on the cutting edge with fully electronic documentation packages.

PesTrend® – The Ultimate in Pest Control Reporting

Example of Electronic DocumentationPesTrend® is Anderson’s market leading online reporting system for the management of pest control activities that is available only to our clients.

With industry leading Inspection Reports and High Level Exception Summaries, PesTrend® utilizes sophisticated custom software coupled with hand-held scanners. All of the rodent control stations, insect monitors and other devices installed at your facility are bar coded and scanned at each service allowing your technician to track pest activity by device and physical location.  Utilizing the information gathered during each service, we can quickly identify potential problem areas with increased activity, and even areas subject to seasonal pest activity.

Essential, Premium, and Enterprise: Reporting Tailored to Fit your Needs

PesTrend® offers complete flexibility to your business with three tiers of reporting plans that provide different levels of detail and functionality. These tiers are: Essential, Premium, and Enterprise.Electronic Documentation Service Chart

The Essential Plan:

The Essential Plan includes an Inspection Report that is generated after your Anderson Service Technician services your facility. The following activity is displayed:

•  Pest activity by device
•  Pesticide Material Usage Report
•  Monitoring device damage/replacement activity
•  Sanitation & maintenance issues

This information is collated into a report that includes structural and sanitation concerns. Important areas, rooms or processes of the facility are highlighted and described separately. In large or complex facilities, having the activity or concern tied to one area makes it much easier for both you and Anderson to understand and correct any problems.

The Premium Plan:

The Premium Plan includes all of the features of the Essential Plan and also includes a Trend Analysis that has been designed to help you identify trends in pest activity and vulnerable areas within your facility. The data is broken down by area, pests and time period to help you understand the seasonal and topical trends of pest activity on your site.

The Enterprise Plan:

The Enterprise Plan is ideal for multi-site users to help manage large portfolios and identify problem locations. This plan includes all of the same reports as the Essential and Premium Plans but also gives a summarized view of the health of your estate, highlighting sites with recent activity or the most outstanding recommendations. This report allows a super user to drill down into problem sites/locations quickly in an exception based reporting system. The goal is a quick assessment of multi-location organizations to reduce exposure through quick response.


Electronic Documentation ExampleAnderson also offers a Remote Plant Module which will allow you to access all of the information about the pest health of your facility at any time and creates any report format you may require. This private, secure portal is available at no cost and allows Anderson clients the ability to conveniently pay invoices online, view inspection reports, email requests for service, and more.

Sharing our Findings

These reports will then be emailed to the designated contact(s) at your facility. Further, these reports can be collated for activity so that Regional or District Managers can see just the locations that have had activity or had unsolved issues. These escalation reports are completed and emailed on a scheduled basis.


Both verbal and written communication are critical aspects to our program. Your Anderson Technician will check in and out with the designated contact at each service to understand issues and concerns that might have arisen since the last service. Then, your technician will inspect the interior and exterior of your facility to identify pest activity, pest conducive conditions, sanitation improvements, structural corrections and potential pest entry points.

Upon completion, your Anderson Technician will inform you of what actions were taken, what problems or potential issues are looming and what we recommend to better protect you, your co-workers, your commodities, your clients and the environment.