Natural Choice® Commercial

If, like many of our clients, you find the idea of pesticides around your building as unappealing as the pests themselves, consider Anderson’s Natural Choice® Commercial service. Anderson has been practicing environmentally responsible pest control for almost 100 years. We’re committed to reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides while providing permanent solutions to pest problems.

What Makes Anderson the Natural Choice?

At Anderson, we believe that it’s best to apply natural solutions to natural problems. So, rather than indiscriminately spraying your facility with chemicals, we focus on prevention.

We seal cracks and crevices. We inspect the exterior of your building to identify potential pest access and recommend the steps necessary to effectively correct the problem.

Whenever possible, we install and maintain non-chemical monitors and traps that allow us to collect the information necessary to determine the correct course of action in treating a pest problem. In addition to suggestions for structural and sanitary corrections, we also offer biodegradable products, such as Cleanze, for on-going cleaning and maintenance. These proprietary Anderson products aid in cleaning floors and drains through natural bacterial-enzymatic activity. In all cases, we keep you informed of what we’ve done and what we recommend to better protect you, your co-workers or tenants, and the environment.

The Best Trained Technicians

All Anderson Natural Choice® Commercial technicians have been specially trained and GreenPro certified by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In fact, Anderson has the highest number of GreenPro certified service technicians in the Midwest.

GreenPro certification is our assurance that Anderson’s low-impact methods have been developed for maximum effectiveness against pests – while still providing a comprehensive green approach that puts your business and your people first.

The Natural Choice® Commercial program covers over 40 pests*

Crawling Insects Crawling Insects Stored Product Pests
Carpenter ants Ground beetles Indian meal moths
Pavement ants Most spiders* Red flour beetles
Odorous house ants Clover mites Confused flour beetle
Pharaoh ants Fire brats Sawtoothed grain beetles
Crazy ants Silverfish
German roaches Earwigs Flying Insects
Oriental roaches Springtails Paper wasps
American roaches Yellow jackets
Wood roaches Over-Wintering Insects Bumble bees
Box elder bugs Bald-faced hornets
Elm leaf beetle Carpenter bees
Camel crickets Lady bugs
Sow bugs Cluster flies Rodents
Pill bugs Mice & rats
Centipedes Blood Feeders
Millipedes Fleas

*Excludes all termites, brown recluse and black widow spiders, and bedbugs