Food and Retail Pest Control

The retail industry relies on a clean establishment in order to keep customers coming back – which is easier said than done. With the amount of traffic that goes through both the customer door and the service door, that’s a lot of room for potential pests to make their way in.

Anderson has the solution, whether you’re in the food retail business or the non-food retail business. We have a special procedure for both that focuses on prevention and safe treatment of pest problems. Find out more about Anderson solutions for your retail store.

Food Retail

Supermarkets, bakeries, butchers – the list goes on for the types of food retail stores that need pest management systems. It’s especially crucial for these businesses to work on prevention rather than treatment. If they experience an infestation, the damage can be monumental. Lost consumer trust, revenue from damaged food, and the involvement of the public health department are just a few of the consequences.

At Anderson, we use an Integrated Pest Management approach that uses the safest, smartest way to cure troublesome pest issues. This starts with an in-depth inspection to identify the issues at hand – many of which can be found in restrooms and preparation areas. A plan of action is then put in place, using techniques like:

  • Non-chemical monitors and traps to determine course of action
  • Biodegradable products for ongoing cleaning
  • Suggestions for structural and sanitary corrections

Our Natural Choice® Commercial program covers over 40 common pests in a food-friendly manner. We guarantee our results and will continue to treat the pest problem free of charge for as long as it takes.

Non-Food Retail

Every time you hear that bell ring when a customer enters your store, you could possibly be inviting in more than just a person. Same goes for the back delivery door. Flies, birds, mice and more could be coming into your store without an invitation.

That’s where Anderson comes in. Our non-intrusive pest control plan is designed to be family friendly so you won’t be scaring away your customers. Depending on the size of the infestation, there could also be no down time.

Anderson also offers electronic documentation to keep up with the results. Our PESTREND® online report management system is built for transparency, accountability and results. This system includes:

  • Inspection Reports
  • Exception Summaries
  • Control Station Monitoring
  • Remote Plant Module

Offered in three different plan sizes, PESTREND is built for any size business, from single locations to enterprise companies. All the information you need to maintain the cleanliness of your establishment, all in one place.

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