Healthcare Pest Control

When it comes to pest prevention in healthcare, Anderson’s experience in helping you maintain a clean, safe environment is second to none. We understand healthcare facilities must follow strict local, state and federal mandates to ensure a clean, safe environment. Pests are not only an unsightly problem, but they can also cause sanitation issues that could put your business at risk.

By putting your trust in Anderson Pest Solutions, you are putting your trust in our methods and techniques to eliminate and prevent pests for good.

Meeting High Standards

Meeting the standards and requirements of local, state and federal government agencies means a lot of documentation. There is also a lot that goes into keeping up with the Joint Commission Accreditation for Hospitals. In addition to our tried and trusted methods for pest control, our Anderson technicians are also trained to use specialized reporting and tracking software. This helps us generate detailed reports for your business, including:

  • Pest activity by device
  • Pesticide Material Usage Report
  • Monitoring device damage/replacement activity
  • Sanitation & maintenance issues

Learn more about Anderson’s Electronic Documentation Program here.

Nipping Pest Issues in the Bud, Before They Happen

The goal and practice of Anderson’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is to prevent pests in the first place rather than dealing with them after they appear. We also want to make sure your patients and employees stay safe. That means we will only use pesticides after we sanitize, exclude and eliminate the source of the pest problem.

Anderson will not only provide the right pest management control, but will keep your nurses, doctors and other staff members “bug smart” by advising them on preventative pest control measures. Our staff will also provide written reports designed to identify and correct conditions that fuel pest problems.

The Result: Better Care All Around

By choosing Anderson, you are choosing more reliable pest control, strict compliance with industry regulations, and better training for your staff. All so you can focus more on what you do best: Providing care.

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Wisconsin Heart Hospital

Wisconsin Heart Hospital

“Our motto is ‘A new standard in heart care.’ Anderson’s should be ‘A new standard in pest control.’ Michael, our Anderson representative, is always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you, Anderson, for raising the bar on quality service.”

Michael Skivseth
Environmental Services Director

Edward Hospital Nurse Photo

Edward Hospital

“Anderson doesn’t treat and go. They provide integrated pest management solutions which focus on prevention as a major way to solve pest issues. I appreciate how Anderson helps me educate hospital staff on ways to keep our facilities pristine.”

Charlotte Cruz
Environmental Services