Manufacturing Pest Control

Even when your manufacturing facility works diligently to maintain a pest-free environment, incoming product can easily bring unwanted pests along with it. The presence of pests in a manufacturing facility can quickly damage products and materials, and left unchecked can develop into full-on infestations that can cause excessive downtime and loss of revenue. If you want to keep these little visitors from turning into big problems, Anderson can help.

Our technicians specialize in dealing with the type of pests that are common in a manufacturing environment:

At Anderson, we train our technicians in current pest management techniques that address the special requirements of local, city and county regulators in addition to those made by third-party auditors. If you’re having an issue, give us a call – we usually respond the same day and in some cases, within a few hours. And we back up our service with the Anderson Guarantee. This provides you with sustained protection for 30 days, including as many return visits as it takes for our technicians to ensure the problem is taken care of. Permanently.

Not Just Any Choice – The Natural Choice®

We believe natural problems call for natural solutions. So instead of spraying your facility with chemicals and calling it a day, we focus on prevention by taking the following steps:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices
  • Inspecting the building’s exterior for potential pest access
  • Collecting information to determine the correct course for treatment
  • Installing and maintaining non-chemical monitors and traps
  • Recommending necessary steps to prevent future problems

Our Natural Choice® Commercial programs provide year-round protection against a wide range of pests, performed by our GreenPro trained and certified technicians and backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. In fact, Anderson has the most GreenPro certified service technicians in the Midwest.

Anderson Pest Solutions is a full service pest control and wildlife removal company. We stand behind our service and insist on having the right people and right practices in place to ensure our solutions meet your needs. For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest issues, we believe our Manufacturing Pest Control program is the “Natural Choice” for your pest management needs.

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