Pest Control in Schools & Universities

A Pest-Free Environment is Mandatory

In the state of Illinois – and many other states across the country – pest control has changed quite a bit. Government regulations no longer suggest we spray gallons of harsh chemicals, especially around our youth. That’s why educational institutions throughout the United States are implementing an Integrated Pest Management [IPM] plan to help prevent and eliminate pests.

The Best in IPM

Anderson Pest Solutions has become the go-to expert in all thing IPM, and few other companies know more about managing pest issues for schools districts and facilities than Anderson.

We are pioneers of IPM in Illinois schools and surrounding states because we provide innovative, effective pest control programs for all places of learning. This includes daycare centers through high schools. We even service many prestigious pest control

One reason among many that schools choose Anderson is because we go above and beyond, regularly conducting IPM training programs for districts in strict cooperation with the Department of Public Health.

IPM is in the Details

Anderson’s Integrated Pest Management program for schools addresses every key requirement according to law. This means we use an approach that stresses preventive measures and non-chemical control. When needed to treat difficult pest infestations, we use products and techniques that are the least harmful to the health of people and the environment.

Our main focus is to eliminate conditions conducive to pest infestation in the first place, so treatment may not ever be necessary. And everything we do is documented according to state requirements, written in an easy-to-understand format so schools can easily comply with the law. We’ll be glad to provide any additional documentation you might need!

Partner with the Pest Expert

Anderson Pest Solutions provides these benefits for your school and staff:

  • In-house IPM training to help get your IPM coordinator quickly up to speed
  • Community programs to help you educate parents, teachers, students and the community about IPM
  • Support in educating the community about sensitive pest problems like head lice

With Anderson in your school, you’ll help your students and staff, too! Don’t delay another day. Get in touch with Anderson to get started on your IPM program today.

Find out what makes Anderson Pest Solutions your solution for school pest control!


Joliet Public School Image

Joliet Public School District 86

“We are in a highly regulated business and it is important to have contract services that understand and have the ability to meet the requirements set forth by the government The documentation Anderson maintains within our facility is always up to date and includes all of the required information.”
Darryl Duncan, Manager of Building Support Services
Joliet Public School District 86, Joliet, IL

Spring Grove Elementary School

Spring Grove Elementary School

“Thank you for always coming out in a timely manner when we call. Your technician Tim is always friendly, informative and professional.”

Lolita Christensen, Secretary
Spring Grove Elementary School, Carol Stream, IL