The Anderson Guarantee

No “Ifs, Ants, or Bugs!”

Satisfaction Guaranteed Badge

Anderson guarantees complete satisfaction.

As our client, if you are not satisfied with our services, we will return to your home or business and diligently work to solve the problem within one business day. If the pest problem is not solved to your satisfaction, we will keep working until you are completely satisfied, or we will refund your last regular service payment.

A Year-long Guarantee with Natural Choice Pest Protection

For customers who select Natural Choice Commercial, Anderson will:

  • Inspect and treat your business four times a year for a full spectrum of seasonal and recurring pests
  • Seal the most common points of entry
  • Guarantee our solutions against seasonal pests and mice year-round, including bees and wasps
  • Return promptly and as often as needed, should you experience any issues between services

A 30-Day Guarantee with Single Services

For customers who choose our Single Service, Anderson will:

  • Inspect and treat your business for the specified pest(s)
  • Guarantee our solution against the specific pest(s) for the next 30 days
  • Return promptly and as often as needed during the 30 days, should you experience renewed activity for the specified pest(s)