Anderson Presents Donation to Edward Hospital

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Anderson Pest Solutions, the largest family owned pest control company in the Midwest, presented over 25 pounds of pop can tabs to the Ronald McDonald Family room in Edward Hospital of Naperville. The Ronald McDonald Family Room in Edward Hospital serves as a haven of respite and hospitality to families whose children are in treatment. 

Anderson Donates Pop Tabs

Anderson’s Matt Bolf and Tina Crigler at Edward Hospital

The Pop Top Collection Program at Ronald McDonald is a program that collects the tabs used to pull open soda or other aluminum cans. The funds generated from recycling the tabs help offset the House’s expenses. The nonprofit donates money for each pound of pop tabs collected.

Located inside the pediatric intensive care unit and outpatient service area, the Ronald McDonald Family Room provides a home-like atmosphere away from the stress of the hospital, allowing families a moment to rest and rejuvenate, so that they can face the stress of the hospital visit with renewed energy.

Two containers filled with pop tabs was presented on behalf of AnderCares, a division of Anderson that coordinates various community outreach initiatives throughout the year.

“For two months, all of our employees have been collecting tabs and the results have been amazing. Because the tabs that they collected provide countless benefits to the Ronald McDonald House for families that are in need,” said Tina Crigler, Co-Chair of AnderCares.