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Many of us know that spring is the season that brings out all kinds of pests—it’s almost impossible to ignore! But do you know why spring brings out so many new bugs every year? There are many reasons for the great pest resurgence every spring, but today we’ll focus on one of the most important ones: rainfall. There are several pests to watch out for during the rainy season in Illinois & Indiana, and the Anderson Pest Solutions technicians have some advice to help you avoid them. Read on to learn!

What Pests Does a Rainy Spring Bring Out?

The rain in spring provides many different benefits that pests take advantage of to thrive through the summer. These are a few pests in particular that you should watch out for during and after a rainy spring:

  1. Mosquitoes: A rainy spring is always followed by a mosquito-filled summer. This is because mosquitoes breed in pools of standing water, from bodies of water like ponds to tiny puddles.
  2. Fire ants: Fire ants burrow in the soil to expand their colonies, so a wet spring that leads to softer soil creates favorable nesting conditions and makes it easier for fire ants to expand their colonies.
  3. Fleas and ticks: These parasitic pests survive by hiding in dense plant growth until an animal that they can latch onto walks by. More rain creates more plant growth, giving ticks and fleas better hiding places.
  4. Beetles: We love to see the plants in our gardens thrive after a long spell of rainfall, but beetles take advantage of all of this new growth to feast on our fruits and vegetables.
  5. Termites: Sometimes referred to as rain flies, winged termite swarmers come out after a rain to take advantage of weakened wood.

What Can I Do After Rainfall to Prevent Pests?

Moisture problems inside the house can accumulate after rainfall and make your indoor areas pest hotspots, too. Here are a few measures to take all around your property to minimize pest activity after it rains:

  • Clear out your gutters: If leaves and debris build up in your gutters, it can either create perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes by trapping standing water, or it can overflow and cause moisture problems in and around your home.
  • Seal cracks and crevices: Gaps around your windows and doors can be sneaky access points for pests following moisture that’s made its way inside. Seal gaps with weather stripping, screens, or a silicone based caulk.
  • Prevent puddles: Whether outside in planter boxes, furniture, or elsewhere in your yard, or inside your home on the floor of your bathroom or kitchen, puddles are a perfect place for pests to get hydrated.

Spring Pest Control Help

Sometimes, the issue that’s attracting pests to your home can be hard to find, especially without professional experience in pest control. Leave it to the experts this season and see the results! Our team at Anderson Pest Solutions can come out for an exhaustive property inspection, identifying all vulnerabilities attracting pests and helping you prevent them yourself going forward. Reach out today for a free quote!

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