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How to Avoid Wasp Stings

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Stinging insects are just a part of life here in Illinois & Indiana—we all run into some every once in a while. While bees, wasps, and hornets are important pollinators and insect population regulators, their stings are painful. Additionally, in the case of wasps, you’re likely to experience multiple attacks in quick succession if you accidentally disturb their nest. This makes it crucial to know how to protect yourself from wasp stings and what to do if you’re stung. If you want to get educated on wasp sting prevention and treatment, read on for advice from our wasp control experts at Anderson Pest Solutions!

What to Do to Avoid Wasp Stings

The best ways to avoid wasp stings start with wasp prevention itself. If you entice wasps with attractions like food and places for shelter, they will construct a nest on your property and fight to defend it. These are a few ways to keep wasps out of your yard:

  • Dispose of your food in sealed bins, especially sugary foods and soft drink cans
  • Never leave sweet or protein-rich foods and drinks outside unattended
  • Trim your plants and trees to keep your property tidy

Now, if you do end up finding a wasp nest, you want to be careful around it to refrain from disturbing the wasps and being stung. Make sure to follow this advice:

  • Move slowly and calmly so as to not draw attention to yourself
  • Remain still when you are approached by a wasp
  • Don’t swat at the wasp if you are stung, because this will cause them to call for backup
  • If you have to run away, do so in a straight line without flailing

How to Treat Wasp Stings

Sometimes, wasps can sting without warning. Wasps stings will usually heal on their own in a week or two, but there are a few ways you can help them heal faster:

  1. Apply a cold compress like an ice pack or a cold rag
  2. Take over-the-counter pain medication to help with pain
  3. Take an antihistamine to reduce swelling around the sting 

If you or someone around you experiences difficulty breathing, nausea, faintness, or swelling of the face and mouth, call for an ambulance. These are signs of anaphylaxis, a severe form of allergic reaction. 

Expert Wasp Removal in Illinois & Indiana

If you have a wasp nest forming on your property, do not try to get rid of it on your own. The safest way to handle a wasp nest is to call your local wasp nest removal experts. Our wasp control team at Anderson Pest Solutions can assess your situation to find the safest and most efficient way to remove wasps from your yard and help you prevent future nests from popping up. For a free quote or to learn more about our services, contact us today!

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