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Pigeons, starlings, sparrows. Nice birds. But once they invade a building or an area, their nests and droppings create an unsightly nuisance, spreading germs and parasites that can cause as many as 60 different diseases, infections and illnesses in humans.

With warmer winters, birds are becoming more of a year-round issue, even in northern climates.

Nesting birds not only tend to be noisy, they typically are messy and can cause damage to your home. They roost in eaves, peck through shingles, siding and even through rafters. Some species, like wood peckers, will hunt for soft spots in wood, looking for insects and can cause major damage in a matter of minutes.

When Birds Become Pests, Anderson is there:

To solve a bird infestation problem – and to permanently prevent the birds’ return – requires an experienced team of bird control professionals. Anderson has been providing commercial and residential customers with permanent solutions since 1913. Our Four-Step Process is so effective that we offer a full money-back guarantee.