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Generally considered a nuisance pest, mosquitoes may potentially carry diseases that affect humans including West Nile virus. Keeping mosquitoes away from your home or business is critical for both your comfort and safety. Anderson Pest Solutions offers the most effective mosquito control program that minimizes adverse effects on the environment.
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Mosquito Info Sheet

Characteristics and Habits


  • The adult mosquito that is responsible for West Nile virus is usually brownish or grayish brown, lacking any distinctive markings.
  • Eggs are laid in rafts of 150-350 eggs in polluted or foul water in a variety of water-filled containers or areas. The eggs usually hatch within 2 days.

Biology & Habitats:

  • Mosquitoes have adapted to almost every kind of aquatic situation such as permanent ponds, marshes, temporary flood waters, woodland pools, drainage ditches, water in tree holes, leaves of plants or artificial containers.
  • Most mosquitoes common to the Midwest rest during the day in areas protected from the sun and typically feed at dusk dawn or night times. These areas include areas with heavy ground cover, bushes and areas shaded by trees or buildings that remain moist. Additionally, mosquitoes may fly up to several miles in a night depending on wind currents.

The Anderson Solution:

Anderson offers a mosquito treatment designed to temporarily reduce mosquito activity. Our goal is to identify and directly treat resting areas of adult mosquitoes. Your technician will treat tall grasses, trees, bushes, underneath leaves and low-lying shrubs. Additionally, your technician will make recommendations on how to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sources on your property as well as how to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes.

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