Stored Product Pests

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In homes, stored product pests attack grains such as nuts, flour, cereal, birdseed, and dry dog food. In some cases, they may come from another source such as a bird or squirrel nest and find their way into stored products. The female adults are egg-laying machines looking for conducive areas to place their eggs, while the larvae continue to feed on grains and in some cases create disturbing webbing as they eat.

Anderson Solution

Your Anderson technician will:

  • Identify the species.
  • Determine the source.
  • Keep all your stored food intact. Using a variety of inspection techniques your technician will sort through all of your vulnerable stored products to determine the infested source.
  • Remove the source.
  • Install attractive sticky traps that will catch some of the remaining pests that may still be roaming.
  • Create a full report on how you can prevent stored product pests from reinfesting such as vacuuming loose food debris and placing vulnerable food in tight-fitting containers.

The Anderson pestfree365 program, which covers 36 common pests, will ensure your home and property are protected throughout the entire year.