Creating Your Bed Bug Prevention Plan

If you’re currently working with a professional pest control company, you need to meet with your provider and ask them to review their Bed Bug approach. Have them detail their plan to protect your home against an infestation and how they would handle the situation if Bed Bugs are to appear. If you’re not satisfied with the answers you receive, call Anderson. As one of the foremost proponents of Bed Bug prevention and eradication in the Midwest, Anderson can custom design a Plan that will precisely meet your needs.

Anderson’s trained Bed Bug Consultant will provide the following as part of a comprehensive program:

  • Conduct an assessment of your program needs based on the type of facility and the level and nature of the Bed Bug threat.
  • Help you assign specific responsibilities to various staff members.
  • Provide a one-time or a routine inspection training for housekeeping or maintenance staff.
  • Provide a recommendation for treatment based on experience and knowledge of your facility and business.

Your Anderson Consultant will also help you decide the frequency of inspection and whether inspection should be conducted by your in-house staff, a pest professional, or a canine inspection team.

The Three Phases of Bed Bug Prevention

Your Anderson Consultant will explain to you – and your staff – how implementing the Three Phase approach will prevent Bed Bugs from taking up residence in your facility, and, if they do, the proper procedures for eradicating the infestation.