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Serving Illinois and IndianaAnderson Pest Solutions provides apartment pest control services in Illinois and Indiana.

When it comes to apartment pest control in the Midwest, the extermination experts at Anderson Pest Solutions are here to help. Because of their multi-unit structure, apartment complexes can serve as a breeding ground for many different pests that can get through even the smallest cracks. The key to effective pest control in apartments is regular maintenance, inspections, and preventative treatments administered by a professional pest control company. The Anderson team is proud to work with multi-unit building owners and any on-site staff to provide exceptional pest control for apartments.

Common Pest Problems in Apartment Buildings

From rodents and spiders to flies, ants, and termites, all kinds of pests can easily infest a multi-unit building. The most common pest problems faced by apartment complexes, however, are cockroaches and bed bugs. If left untreated, these pests can spread quickly and cause your tenants a lot of grief. Some of the things to know about bed bugs and cockroaches in apartments include:

  • In addition to simply being gross, cockroaches carry filth and disease everywhere they go!
  • Seeing just one cockroach is a big sign there’s many more in hiding, which is why it’s important to design a control strategy that will eliminate cockroaches throughout the building permanently.
  • Even more feared than cockroaches are bed bugs, which can be harder to spot when you don’t know the signs of an infestation.
  • As if the thought of tiny bugs crawling on your mattress wasn’t bad enough, bed bugs will bite their sleeping victims, often causing itchy red welts or rashes as a result.

The Dangers of Pests in Multi-Unit Housing

Any property manager knows how important it is to keep their tenants happy, and making sure your building is pest-free is one of the biggest factors in achieving that. With so many residents, as well as visitors, leaving and returning to the building on a daily basis, it can be extremely easy to introduce pests into the environment. Once one unit is infested, pests will quickly spread throughout other units in the building. In addition to causing disgruntled tenants, an influx of pests can be downright dangerous to the health of residents and the safety of your building. Many pests, especially rodents and cockroaches, carry a number of diseases with them. With so much on your plate as the owner of an apartment building, the last thing you need to deal with is unsatisfied tenants. For that reason alone, proper pest management for your apartment complex is essential.

Expert Pest Control for Apartments

Anderson Pest Solutions appreciates the concerns of apartment managers and their residents, and we consider our environmental impact seriously. Our qualified exterminators will make sure to get rid of unwanted pests in your apartment, and Anderson Pest Solutions’ EPA certification ensures that our clients receive a responsible, eco-effective service that lasts.

Don’t let a pest infestation bother your tenants. Multi-family housing can encourage many different types of pests, and untreated pest infestations have the potential to reduce revenue, drive away good tenants, and tarnish a property’s good reputation. Anderson Pest Solutions provides seasoned professionals, a plan to keep your property pest-free, and preventative pest management techniques. Keep tenants happy by providing a clean and comfortable living situation, and contact our extermination experts today!

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