When it’s Time to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator

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When to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator - Anderson Pest Solutions Bed Bug Exterminators in Indiana and IllinoisDIY treatments can be excellent solutions for prevention or even small infestations, but it can be difficult to determine exactly when a bed bug infestation requires an exterminator. Here are four indications that it’s time to call in a licensed professional.

When Symptoms Caused by Bed Bugs Get Worse

Bed bug bites can cause a multitude of reactions and physical symptoms, including itchy rashes, hives, and welts. Even if physical symptoms aren’t present, it can be very difficult to deal with the psychological stress induced by an infestation. It may be time to call an exterminator if physical symptoms get worse, or negative psychological effects increase.

When Bed Bugs are Visible in Large Numbers

Bed bugs are tiny, but they’re not invisible. If you notice a large quantity of bed bugs in a single area, it’s time to call a professional. Bed bugs don’t have nests or colonies, so an increase in visible population means the infestation has gotten much worse.

When the Bed Bugs Expand Locations

Bed bugs prefer mattresses and furniture because they can hide easily and have access to a food source. If bed bugs begin to appear along window-sills, electrical outlets, computer keyboards, or any other unusual places, the bed bug population has gotten too large for the typical hiding spots. It’s time to call in an exterminator.

When Bed Bug Infestations Reoccur

No one should have to suffer through multiple infestations, and if the bed bugs keep coming back, a licensed exterminator should be called immediately. There are two major treatments for a bed bug infestation: heat exposure and chemical treatment, and an exterminator has expertise with both.

Call a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Eliminating bed bugs can be complex and should be tailored to individual homes and infestation sizes. Call Anderson Pest Solutions today for a free estimate!

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