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If there’s one major issue of the foodservice industry—aside from picky eaters—it’s pests. Restaurants have always been a target for unwanted pests and insects. And for owners, managers, and staff, the only thing worse than an infestation is receiving an unscheduled pest inspection at the same time.

At Anderson, we understand that the foodservice industry faces unique challenges to keep their environments pest-free. It only takes one slip-up to ruin a restaurant’s reputation, making it difficult to recover financially. It pays to be proactive when it comes to your pest control needs. Anderson can help!

Trusted Restaurant Extermination

Restaurant pest control & extermination services in Illinois and Indiana by Anderson Pest Solutions

At Anderson, we have more customers in the foodservice industry than most other pest services combined.

We service many types of restaurants, including:

  • Fine dining
  • Quick casual
  • Quick serve
  • Banquet facilities
  • Industrial food service

Thousands of restaurants and other foodservice facilities have counted on us to help them create a clean and welcoming environment. Our technicians are trained in the latest pest management techniques that specifically address the stringent requirements of local, city, or county food service inspectors. We take pride in giving our technicians continuous education and training, and we’re working hard to stay on the cutting edge of pest management.

Food-Safe Pest Control

When it comes to restaurant pest control, it’s important to consider the sensitive nature of the environment when using traditional pest control systems like pesticides. The health of your staff and customers is priority number one, so we recommend using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to keep the area pest-free.

With the IPM method, we stress preventive techniques and non-chemical control. Pesticides are only considered after the following details of your facility are taken into account:

  • Sanitation practices
  • Structural exclusion
  • Harborage elimination
  • Storage practices

Restaurant Extermination Experts

Anderson is generally recognized as the industry leader in IPM practices, and we bring that level of expertise to any foodservice facility, no matter the size or complexity. Your restaurant shouldn’t suffer because of a pest infestation—call Anderson Pest Solutions today!

Home Run Inn Testimonial for Anderson Pest Solutions - Restaurant pest control in Indiana and Illinois

Home Run Inn

“Our natural environments not only attract thousands of visitors each week. But ‘unwanted guests’ such as ants, gnats, spiders, bees and more! From our greenhouses to indoor facilities and walkways, it makes sense that we’re particularly vulnerable. Yet, Anderson does a remarkable job. They anticipate potential pest arrivals and work to solve them before they begin. They take a proactive approach which I like.”

Mel Huwe
General Manager of Grounds Services and Event Support

Badger Murphy Food Services Testimonial for Anderson Pest Solutions - Restaurant pest control services in Indiana and Illinois

Badger Murphy Food Services

“Prevention is the best way to control pests. Anderson’s technician is extremely observant and detail-oriented. I’m confident that he can find any potential pest problem and advise us on how to prevent it. His record-keeping is accurate and up to date every week. We’ve been audited annually by an independent third party, and the pest control section often scores an A+, even attaining a perfect score of 100%. We are very satisfied with Anderson’s service.”

Hwan Hong
Plant Manager

Restaurant Pest Control Serving Illinois and Indiana

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