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Fleas and ticks are some of the most common parasitic pests that we deal with in Illinois & Indiana. Both of them are tiny, difficult to spot, and able to cause big problems for people and pets alike. It takes quite a bit of patience to get rid of them on your own, so many people end up having to rely on professional flea or tick removal services for help. You will always have better luck hiring flea exterminators or tick control specialists to help you avoid parasitic pests.

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Our tick and flea removal experts at Anderson Pest Solutions know just how frustrating dealing with these pests can be. We are equipped and ready to help your home or business get rid of them.

Fleas & Ticks Active in Illinois & Indiana

Knowing which fleas and ticks are active in our area will help you identify them when you run into them. These are the most common in Illinois & Indiana:

  • Lone star ticks have unusually long mouthparts and a white-spotted back. They can be found in brushy areas amongst deer and other small mammals. 
  • American dog ticks are the most common ticks in our area. It is about the same size as the lone star tick, but with a darker color palette and smaller mouthparts.
  • Deer ticks are smaller than the previously mentioned ticks, which is unfortunate for us because they spread Lyme disease. You can identify them by their distinct red backs compared to their reddish-brown heads and legs. 
  • Fleas are tiny, wingless parasites that like to hang out in shaded areas, waiting for small animals to walk by. If your dog or cat has fleas, they will itch incessantly. 

Ticks and fleas can both spread dangerous diseases. This makes it important to work with a professional for flea or tick extermination services to deal with them safely.

Anderson Pest Solutions’ Tick & Flea Control Process

At Anderson Pest Solutions, we understand the threat that fleas and ticks pose to your family. When you reach out to us for help, we will work to control active tick and flea problems by doing the following:

  • Perform an exhaustive inspection of your home or business to determine the active flea or tick species and the infestation’s source
  • Apply pertinent flea or tick control products and pesticides
  • Block fleas and ticks from entering your home with our exclusion efforts
  • Write out a detailed removal report going over our treatment
  • Return as needed to conduct follow-up treatments

When to Call an Exterminator for Fleas or Ticks

If you have been dealing with fleas and ticks year after year in Illinois or Indiana, it’s time to put that streak to a stop. Our tick and flea exterminators can provide you with expert advice and assistance to help you avoid ticks and fleas when you’re out and about or at home. Contact us today for a free estimate on flea or tick control services!

Our Tick and Flea Control Guarantee

Anderson guarantees complete satisfaction.

As our client, if you are not satisfied with our services, we will return to your home or business and diligently work to solve the problem as soon as possible. If the pest problem is not solved to your satisfaction, we will keep working until you are completely satisfied with our pest treatment.


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