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Your dedication, resources, and passion drive the success of your business – but the unwelcome presence of birds can threaten to disrupt your daily operations. Beyond being a noisy nuisance, birds can cause serious issues that require expert intervention. Nests and droppings pose potential health hazards to both employees and customers, and the damage to your reputation can have lasting consequences. When nuisance birds disrupt your Illinois and Indiana business and reliable bird control services are essential, turn to Anderson Pest Solutions.

Anderson Pest Solutions provides dependable bird removal and control services along with effective bird exclusion methods to prevent future intrusions. Discover why we’re the preferred choice for unwanted bird control in Illinois and Indiana.

Our Bird Control Process

Bird-related problems can significantly impact your business, from paint corrosion due to droppings to nests obstructing vents and posing fire hazards. We create customized removal plans tailored to your needs to protect your business from avian disruptions. Here’s how our specialists will create a personalized bird control strategy for your business:

  • Inspection: We start with thoroughly inspecting your property, identifying bird species, and determining why they are attracted to your business. Following the Migratory Bird Treaty Act guidelines, we will create a customized removal and exclusion plan for your specific birds.
  • Treatment: Once a plan is in place, we will quickly implement the agreed-upon measures. Our strategic and efficient treatments often include targeted treatments and preventive measures. Throughout this process, we prioritize clear communication.
  • Prevention: Our focus is not only on bird removal but also prevention. We will implement exclusion measures to keep birds from disrupting your business in the future. 

Depending on the species, we may recommend a combination of techniques, including:

  • Netting: We will use nets and other physical barriers to stop birds from accessing certain areas.
  • Tactile or Sensory Ledge Deterrents: Spikes, bird wire, bird spiders, or tactile gel installed on ledges can prevent birds from landing.
  • Live Trapping and Removal: Removing and relocating birds by placing traps in common areas.
  • Video or Audio Deterrents: Installing visual or auditory deterrents, including effigies, decoys, fireworks, or recorded bird distress calls to scare birds away.
  • UV Repellent: Ultraviolet repellents reflect light and deter birds; we may also incorporate olfactory and tactile deterrents.
  • Olfactory Repellents (Fogging, Misting): Deploying fogging, misting, or other olfactory repellents will irritate birds without causing harm.
  • Sanitation/Disinfection: Removing bird droppings and nesting materials can discourage birds from returning and maintain a clean environment.

Common Nuisance Birds in Businesses in Illinois and Indiana

Managing nuisance bird species, especially those non-native to the U.S. and not governed by the Bird Migratory Treaty Act, is our specialty. The following invasive birds present distinctive challenges that require specialized attention:

  • European Starlings
  • European House Sparrows
  • Pigeons

Get Rid of Nuisance Birds with Anderson Pest Solutions

Protect your business and reputation by partnering with the bird control experts at Anderson Pest Solutions. Our skilled bird control technicians will evaluate your commercial property, pinpoint potential bird-related vulnerabilities, and offer a customized solution fully compliant with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

If you are tired of dealing with nuisance birds, contact the professionals at Anderson Pest Solutions today! Whether you are struggling with roosting, nesting, or other bird-related disturbances, we are here to help with your business’s unique challenges. 

Commercial Bird Control Experts Serving Illinois and Indiana

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