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Serving Illinois and IndianaBioremediation services help keep your drain clear and prevents pest problems. Learn about Anderson Pest Solution's drain management solutions in the Chicago IL area.

Poorly maintained drains can lead to many problems for your business, including pest infestations. Bioremediation is an industry-changing service that enlists microorganisms to tackle common drain problems, such as foul odors, drain buildup, and small fly infestations. Bioremediation services are best suited for those in the foodservice industry and other businesses. Anderson Pest Solutions is proud to offer bioremediation for industrial maintenance as part of our Integrated Pest Management program.

What is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation is a drain management solution that can save you time and money by keeping your drains clog and odor-free. This innovative technology works by injecting live microorganisms into drain lines to maintain proper function. These microorganisms digest fat, oils, and grease–all of which are infamous drain destroyers–and convert them into water and carbon dioxide.

Without proper drain control, pest problems are bound to occur. Bioremediation services work to ensure your drains are clear, which can save your commercial property from the consequences of a poorly maintained drain.

Benefits of Bioremediation for Industrial Maintenance

Bioremediation services can save you time and money, not to mention protect your reputation. Our bioremediation specialists can help ensure you reap the following benefits of our drain management solutions:

  • Reduces odors. Organic matter in drains can decompose and create foul odors, which is especially troublesome for foodservice facilities.
  • Reduces small fly populations. Grease and other buildups in drains are target breeding sites for fruit flies, moth flies, and phorid flies.
  • Eliminates common drain problems. Drain line buildup from grease and fats is a top cause of pest problems.
  • Helps grease interceptor maintenance. Bioremediation services reduce outdoor grease interceptor pumping frequency by at least 50%

Bioremediation With Your Pest Management Plan

At Anderson, our bioremediation services are a part of our Integrated Pest Management program that ensures your facility is pest-free. By working with us for your drain management solutions, you are able to maximize the use of one vendor to increase efficiency and results.

Our bioremediation specialists offer the following services:

  1. Drain line injection service
    • With this service, we will install an automatic injection system in the main drain line below the sink to reduce the amount of grease.
  2. Floor and beverage drain service
    • This drain control service reduces small fly breeding sites and any drain-related odors by treating floor and beverage stains.
  3. Small fly service
    • Our bioremediation specialists apply spot treatments in cracks and crevices, under kitchen equipment, and other similar areas.
  4. Full-service bioremediation
    • For full protection, this includes all of the above drain management solutions. It also provides treatment and monitoring of your outdoor grease receptor.

Anderson’s Bioremediation Specialists

If you work in the foodservice industry or own a commercial property in the Chicago IL area, you know those drain problems can become costly to fix and cause pest problems. Our bioremediation services provide you with drain control you can rely on year-round, ensuring you stay pest-free. For more information on this one-of-a-kind drain management solution, give our team a call today!

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Bioremediation Services Serving Illinois and Indiana

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