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The village of Libertyville, IL is only a short five miles from the coast of Lake Michigan, on the west side of the Des Plaines River. The area is home to many historic structures that celebrate the original settlers of the area, like the Cook Museum, Cuneo Museum, and St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery. The buildings and homes of Libertyville, unfortunately, are under constant attack from local pests that can cause serious damage and poise real risks to people. At Anderson Pest Solutions, we make it our mission to keep your Libertyville property safe from pests by providing quality extermination services you can rely on.

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Our new GreenPro designation means that we comply with the procedures and systems established by the NPMA’s GreenPro Committee to ensure that our customers receive responsible, eco-effective service.

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Our PestFree365+ program uses the latest in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to ensure that your family, pets, and the environment are protected from pests as well as harmful pesticides. This pest protection plan is designed to eliminate over 36 different seasonal pests common in Libertyville, IL and the surrounding area, like ants, flies, and roaches. We’ll keep your property pest-free all year long. Only the trained technicians at Anderson Pest can promise to eradicate pests this quickly, safely, and effectively – and we stand behind that promise 100 percent.

Remove Rodents from Your Property in Libertyville

As winters get warmer and less severe, rodent populations will only continue to grow, causing havoc for home and business owners alike. Rats and mice want to come inside for the same reasons we do: access to food, water, and shelter. The difference is that they’re terrible roommates, and will eat you out of house and home – not to mention spread disease – if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, most rodents can squeeze through gaps as small as a dime, so to make sure your home is protected, you’ll need to contact the rodent control professionals at Anderson. We’ll conduct a full inspection of your property, set traps, and seal gaps to take care of your rat and mice problems once and for all.

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