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Home insulation is crucial for keeping your property at your desired temperature and to aid in noise reduction, among other things. But what if your insulation had the added bonus of preventing pest problems in the home? TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an energy-efficient home insulation product that combines eco-friendly insulation and a borate-based product to kill off pests such as cockroaches and termites in homes and businesses. Available for both new and existing structures, TAP® can be laid over existing insulation or installed in new properties.

There are endless benefits to this unique pest-resistant insulation, making it Anderson Pest Solutions’ top choice for keeping our customers safe from insects and pests in their homes. Keep reading to learn all about TAP® Insulation and whether it’s the right home insulation for you.

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What is Pest Resistant Insulation?

How does TAP® Pest Control Insulation work? In addition to being an exceptional home insulation option by keeping structures thermally sound, TAP® also prevents and controls pests with the borate-infused material. Pests are unable to build up a tolerance to the borate infused in the insulation. Once a pest comes into contact with the insulation, they will ingest and spread the product, tampering any start to an infestation. This pest control feature is long-lasting, meaning that once TAP® is installed, it will never have to be replaced. Some of the pests controlled with TAP® home insulation include:

Benefits of TAP® Home Insulation

There are many reasons why TAP® Insulation has revolutionized the pest control industry and outperforms traditional insulation. Some of the many benefits include:

  1. As an energy-efficient option, TAP® can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.
  2. TAP® is environmentally friendly by using recycled paper diverted from landfills.
  3. It is capable of filling the nooks and crannies that are unreachable with other insulation.
  4. TAP® is the only insulation registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  5. More cost-effective than traditional insulation, TAP® is a one-time investment.
  6. TAP® can be installed over existing insulation and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  7. TAP® is designed to resist mold and mildew, and also helps to limit the spread of fire.

Certified TAP® Pest Control Insulation Installation

Here at Anderson, our goal is to reduce the conditions in your property that may lead or contribute to pest problems. Our home insulation services can help decrease the risk of pest problems inside your home. TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a smart investment for new and existing structures, and we are proud to have licensed technicians that have the experience needed to install it in your Illinois or Indiana property. Contact us today to learn more!

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