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Commercial Bed Bug Inspections

Serving Illinois and Indiana

Commercial bed bug inspections in Chicago IL and Indiana - Anderson Pest SolutionsBed bugs require expertise to eliminate and an infestation in one room can quickly spread. As one of the foremost providers of bed bug prevention and eradication in the Midwest, Anderson will custom design a plan that will precisely meet your needs. Our comprehensive programs combine commercial bed bug inspections, staff training, and an aggressive service strategy when infestations are discovered. This combination protects your brand and demonstrates your facility is actively working to mitigate the risk associated with bed bugs. You can trust our thorough bed bug inspections are our first step to keeping you bed bug-free.

How to Inspect for Bed Bugs

To inspect for bed bugs, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional bed bug specialist who knows how to inspect for bed bugs. Some things to know about our commercial bed bug inspections:

  1. We will perform a visual inspection of certain areas of your property including beds, nightstands, and living room furniture.
  2. These inspections are tailor-made for single-family homes and hotels or apartments where only several units need to be inspected.
  3. In-person inspections are beneficial in reaching unconventional areas where bed bugs may be.
  4. For bigger commercial properties, we make use of dog inspections for better accuracy.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection Services

In most cases, a bed bug infestation can be accurately assessed by your Anderson technician. However, in cases of detecting low-level infestations in vast areas such as schools, offices, hotels and apartment complexes, a bed bug dog may be a more affordable and effective option for a commercial bed bug inspection. Bed bug dogs use their keen sense of smell to detect live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with a high degree of accuracy, in a small amount of time. Additionally, they can pinpoint the infestation to a particular area, which may eliminate the need for broadcast chemical treatment. Our canine bed bug inspections can be trusted due to our commitment to the following:

  • Extensive dog-handling experience
  • Daily training on scent discrimination
  • NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) Certified
  • Multiple canine dogs available for inspection

Bed Bug Inspections in the Midwest

When it comes to bed bug inspections, it’s important to work with a team you can trust. Anderson Pest Solutions is proud to offer comprehensive residential and commercial bed bug inspections as the first step to getting rid of your infestation. Our process allows us to create a customized treatment approach with the ultimate goal of leaving you bed bug-free. Contact us today to learn more!

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Bed Bug Inspections Serving Illinois and Indiana

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