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When To Call A Hornet And Wasp Exterminator

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When to call a hornet and wasp exterminator in Illinois and Indiana by Anderson Pest SolutionsDespite their benefits, you shouldn’t have to put up with wasps and hornets. If you feel like wasps are a threat to the health and safety of your family, don’t wait to act. While some people have had success, you should know the risks with DIY wasp control.

Using Pesticides to Kill Wasps & Hornets

Using pesticides or other poison to kill wasps can be hazardous for humans, in addition to animals that may feed on their carcasses. If you’re going to spray, do so at night or very early in the morning when wasps are least active, and make sure to properly dispose of the nest as well as any dead wasps you see. Remember, wasps will attempt to defend themselves, so be sure you’re wearing protective gear. And never, ever spray chemicals inside your home.

Environmentally Friendly Wasp & Hornet Control

Environmentally-friendly wasp control can be a daunting challenge, and in most cases, you’re safer to leave the removal to a professional. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our trained professionals have the experience necessary to rid you of your wasp problems quickly, safely, and without harming the environment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and service.

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When To Call A Hornet And Wasp Exterminator Serving Illinois and Indiana

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