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Identifying When You Have a Bee Issue

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Identifying a Bee Issue - Anderson Pest Solutions Bee Wasp and Hornet Exterminators in Chicago, Illinois, and IndianaIdentifying if and when you have a bee issue can be difficult, but our extermination experts at Anderson Pest Solutions can make it easy. If you’re finding bees nesting near or inside of your home, nesting on the ground, or nesting inside of walls, you probably have a bee issue.

DIY Bee Control – Is it Safe?

During the cooler months, nests are more likely to be empty or abandoned, although not necessarily safe to approach. However, as the temperatures increase into the warmer months, these insects are at their largest numbers. During this time, it is especially recommended to have these nests approached and cared for by a seasoned extermination professional. While there is a lot of information on getting rid of bees yourself, it’s always safer for you and your family to enlist the help of an expert.

When a Bee Issue Should be Handled Professionally

While certain types of bees serve their purpose in hunting and controlling other pest insects, their unpleasant sting can cause them to be a dangerous nuisance, and can even be deadly, to those who are allergic. This danger increases when bees start to nest near or inside of the home. If you happen to notice one of these nests in or around your home or business, it is best to resist attempting to remove it yourself. Many widely available commercial insecticides are ineffective, due to the distance between the nest’s entrance and the interior.

Expert Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Removal

There are many circumstances and safety reasons why nest removal should be done by a licensed pest control professional. A licensed pest control company like Anderson Pest Solutions can ensure that the infestation is safely destroyed, as well as taking preventative measures to prevent more bees from re-entering or re-colonizing the space.

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Identifying When You Have a Bee Issue Serving Illinois and Indiana

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