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Bees Hampering Your Outdoor Activities?

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Bees, Wasps, and Hornets prevention control and extermination in Illinois and Indiana by Anderson Pest SolutionsAs fall approaches, the yellow jacket starts craving sweets over meats. Whether you’re having a late-summer barbecue or roasting marshmallows at your fall bonfire, those goodies could spell disaster for your outdoor gathering. These easy preventive measures can help:

  • Avoid wearing yellow, pink, and lime-green clothing.
  • Don’t wear perfume or use scented items.
  • Pour beer and soft drinks into cups so guests can see what they’re drinking.
  • If a yellow jacket gets into an article of clothing, be careful not to tighten the item and smash the wasp.

Avoiding yellow jackets can be difficult, especially because they’re most active in the late summer and early fall months. If you do find nests on your property, contact your trusted pest control experts to protect your family and guests.

Don’t Feed the Wasps

Most wasps are busiest during the summer, buzzing around backyards and even stinging when threatened. Yellow jackets specifically scavenge for food. Anyone who has hosted a barbecue in hot, humid Milwaukee, WI knows that no uncovered dish is safe outside from any bugs, let alone wasps. Keep lids on all food between servings, especially desserts – wasps crave sugary foods. If all else fails, consider putting the table inside and eating outdoors. Fix any tears or holes in screen doors, and ask everyone to close doors behind them.


Preparing for a Wasp-Free BBQ

Make wasp prevention part of your BBQ preparations. If you’re worried about their presence around your home, set traps to eliminate them or put up fake nests to get them to move elsewhere. Remove any fallen fruit, trash cans, or other food sources that might tempt them. Grow plants like wormwood or eucalyptus that deter wasps. If nests become a major or recurring issue, call in experienced exterminators to treat your property.

Keep it Clean To Prevent Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Place trash cans as far away from your house as possible, and use a garbage can with a tightly sealed lid. Stay on top of food and drink spills, and toss paper plates and plastic cups that need to be thrown away. Make it easier for guests to clean up messes by placing paper towels and disposable wipes at every table. Make bug repellent available in case a stray wasp makes it onto your property. Be careful not to swat at wasps, as they may sting in defense.

Call in the Experts at Anderson Pest Solutions

You’ve worked hard to throw a great party. Make sure your guests remember it for the right reasons, not because they dealt with stings or had to visit the ER after an allergic reaction. In addition to providing these summer BBQ pest control tips, the experienced team of exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions can help keep your home insect-free all year round.

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Bees Hampering Your Outdoor Activities? Serving Illinois and Indiana

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