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Bird Exclusion Services provided by Anderson Pest Solutions in the Midwest - Illinois and IndianaBirds are wonderful animals. But when humans and birds occupy the same living space, whether urban or rural, problems can arise. Feral pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are some of the bird species that cause the most difficulty. And with warmer winters, these birds are causing even more of a problem. Here are just some of the ways that nesting birds can become a serious issue.

Nesting Birds and the Spread of Disease and Illness

Ugly and annoying, bird droppings can also cause a variety of serious health issues. The germs and parasites that birds can spread through excrement can cause over 60 different diseases and infections in humans, including Salmonella and E.coli infections. And as the population of pigeons, starlings, and sparrows grows, the spread of these serious illnesses will only get worse.

Noise Control and Dealing with Nesting Birds

Although it’s not as serious a concern as the spread of bird-related diseases, nesting birds can also be noisy, disturbing office environments, domestic dwellings, or business storefronts. As the population of these nesting birds grows, the noise will get worse.



Wood Damage Caused by Nesting Birds

It’s not only noise and disease that’s worrisome, but also the extensive damage that can be caused by nesting birds. Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows will roost in eaves, peck at shingles and siding, and eventually cause structural damage. A woodpecker damages a building even faster with its continual pecking, causing major destruction in a matter of minutes.

What to Do When Birds Become Pests

It’s not just a matter of removing the birds; a building should prevent the birds’ return as well. Prevention requires an experienced team of pest control professionals–experts who can provide permanent solutions for repelling nesting birds. Call Anderson Pest Solutions today for a free estimate!

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Bird Exclusion Services Serving Illinois and Indiana

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