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Tips for bird-proofing your home by Anderson Pest Solutions in Indiana and IllinoisBirds have many reasons to infest your property. Like most pests, they’re looking for food, water, and a place to sleep and mate. Birds also gather to socialize, which is why you may see large groups congregating on your rooftop. Unfortunately, birds can cause quite a bit of damage to your property if not dealt with properly. Certain breeds can also carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted through their droppings, which is why it’s important to know how to bird-proof your home if you have a bird problem. At Anderson, we pride ourselves on our humane and safe bird exclusion and bird proofing methods.

Bird Deterrents and Exclusion Techniques

Birds are known to not be picky when it comes to nesting on your property: roofs, gutters, eaves, vents, and gutters are just a few of their preferred spots. In severe cases, they’ve even been known to dig holes in roofs and make their way into attics. Bird droppings can be even more of a problem—not only are they unsightly, they can be a health risk as well. Some of the most common tactics of deterring birds are as follows.

  1. Bird spikes: When placed strategically, these limit the areas where birds can land and comfortably nest.
  2. Netting: Nets can be placed to keep birds away from fruit trees as well as over the HVAC to prevent nesting.
  3. Wiring: Similar to netting, wire grids can keep birds away from nesting on or near your property.
  4. Repellents: Available in gel, spray, or electronic forms, repellent can effectively keep birds from landing on your property.

Contacting a Bird Control Professional

It’s important to avoid direct contact with birds—and for more than their potential hazards. Laws protect most species from being harmed by citizens, and municipalities often have their own supplemental rules. In addition to these preventative measures, protect your home by contacting a pest control company with bird-specific experience and training. These professionals safely and effectively eliminate current infestations and prevent them from reoccurring. Trust the knowledgeable team at Anderson Pest Solutions to provide your home with safe, effective bird control. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Bird Proofing Your Home Serving Illinois and Indiana

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