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The thought of getting mice in your home can be anyone’s worst nightmare. Rodent infestations are messy and potentially dangerous, which is why it’s important to get rid of mice and rats quickly. Mousetraps are widely used to deal with house mouse infestations. There are many common mousetrap mistakes people make when setting them. The mice exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions share their top tips for setting a mousetrap properly—read on to learn more!

What’s the Best Mousetrap?

There are several types of mousetraps, including electronic, catch-and-release, and glue traps. All types have their pros and cons. Perhaps the most common and popular type of mousetrap is the spring-loaded mousetrap. This classic design has been used for centuries to catch mice, and is easier to set up than you may think!

Spring-loaded mousetraps are placed in areas of suspected rodent activity with bait. When the spring mechanism is triggered, the metal bar will snap and effectively catch the mouse.

Mistakes When Setting a Mousetrap

When you learn about setting a mousetrap, there are many common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not wearing gloves. Mice can smell humans and will avoid traps if they catch onto your scent!
  • Starting with loaded traps. It may seem counter-intuitive, but start with unloaded traps (baited but not activated)! This will lure mice into a false sense of security.
  • Not using multiple traps from the get-go. Always set multiple traps two to three feet apart each. You will have a better chance at catching as many mice as possible at once.
  • Not setting mousetraps strategically. Always set mousetraps along walls and behind furniture, or wherever you suspect activity.
  • Not checking traps regularly. Success won’t happen overnight, but don’t give up! Always check to make sure the traps are loaded correctly with bait, as some mice will grab bait without setting off the trap.

Professional House Mouse Extermination

If you set several mousetraps but they aren’t working—or if you are still noticing rodent activity—it may be time to enlist the help of a professional pest control company. The mice exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions have years of experience properly getting rid of rodents in homes and businesses throughout Chicago IL. We will thoroughly inspect your property for sources of the infestation and customize a rodent control plan suited to your needs. For more information on setting a mousetrap or to learn about our other mice extermination methods, call us today!

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