Four Illinois Rodents That Want to Move Into Your Home

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If you live in Illinois, you probably know lots of nice folks who would make great roommates. Unfortunately, there are also a few notorious rodents that would also love to share your space. They’ll help themselves to your food stash and leave their droppings everywhere. You might catch a horrible disease from them, but they won’t even agree to splitting the cable bill. Here’s an introduction to the furry moochers that keep your exterminator busy and your groceries up for grabs.

Meet Your Illinois Area Rodents

House Mouse

The house mouse is brownish-gray in color with a pointed snout and a long tail with little or no hair. The species is a close relative to the common laboratory mouse and the fancy mouse seen in pet stores. It’s an inquisitive and cute animal, but unless you’re a bored cat, you don’t want it in your home.

Deer Mouse

The deer mouse varies in color from gray-brown to red-brown with a white underside and white feet. It has big, black eyes, almost hairless ears and a relatively short tail. Don’t be lured by its innocent look; it’s known to spread several infectious diseases including hantavirus and Lyme disease, and it can reproduce throughout the year.

White-footed Mouse

The white-footed mouse looks a lot like the deer mouse. They have the same coloring, so one is often mistaken for the other. The white-footed mouse is somewhat larger, however, so it will probably steal more of your food.

Norway Rat

The Norway rat has brown, coarse fur and a lighter underside. It’s usually 12-18 inches in length and can weigh up to 16 ounces. The species is also commonly called a street rat, wharf rat, or sewer rat. If you’re afraid of rats, this one is sure to send you running. Unfortunately, you’ll have to move to Antarctica to get away from them; they’re found everywhere else on the planet.

Signs of an Infestation

Keeping crumbs and food unavailable, sealing up holes in and around your home and strict control of garbage access can help keep mice and rats away, but if it’s too late for prevention, here are a few signs that they’ve already made themselves at home.

  • Squeaking, scampering and scratching sounds in your walls or attic
  • The presence of small, dark, cylindrical droppings
  • Visible rodents, which may be seen at night
  • Unpleasant, unexplained odors
  • Teeth marks or holes in cardboard food packages

Anderson Pest Solutions Ousts Unwanted Roomies

When rodents move into your Illinois home, you need a skilled exterminator to evict them. Anderson Pest Solutions can kick rodents to the curb and leave your home quieter, safer and cleaner. Contact us for more details about rodent elimination.