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Asian giant hornets may seem like a creature conjured up in a bad dream, but they are alive and well here in the United States. Albeit in small numbers, Asian giant hornets have been spotted here in Illinois & Indiana in recent years, and their populations are projected to grow. They are the largest hornets in the world and their stings can put you at risk of hospitalization and death in extreme cases.

Just knowing that there might be Asian giant hornets in your area is alarming. So, how can we identify them, and what can we do to avoid their stings? Read on for information on Asian giant hornets from our bee, wasp, & hornet specialists.

What Are Asian Giant Hornets?

Asian giant hornets are vicious predators that usually prey on bees, wasps, mantises, and other large insects. They definitely stand out from their pest peers—here are a few ways to identify them:

  • They have yellowish-orange color patterns with black stripes along their bodies.
  • Reaching around 2.2” in length, they are roughly the size of an average adult’s thumb.
  • With top speeds peaking at 25 mph, Asian giant hornets are fast fliers.

You can tell best apart Asian giant hornets from other hornets and wasps by your reaction to them. It’s as if a regular hornet were expanded and supercharged, and you can tell right away.

Can Asian Giant Hornets Kill You?

Asian giant hornets are able to deliver an incredibly painful sting that swells up and hurts for days. Their stings have been equated to being stabbed by a scorching needle, and the swelling flares up quickly and in excess. In rare cases in which the victim displays an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, a series of Asian giant hornet stings can be fatal.

The best way to avoid a sting from an Asian giant hornet is to keep your distance. Their voracious appetite for insects doesn’t quite translate to creatures of our size. They will attack us if they feel threatened, so keep your cool and walk away.

Professional Hornet Control in Indiana & Illinois

It is imperative that you contact a professional hornet control expert right away if you believe that you’ve spotted an Asian giant hornet in your area. Do not attempt to get a closer look—even if you mistake a regular hornet’s nest for an Asian giant hornet’s nest, the safe call is always to have it removed. When you call Anderson Pest Solutions for pest control services, we will send out an experienced technician with protective equipment to safely assess and remedy the situation. For a free quote, contact us today!


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