The Hills Have (Eight) Eyes: House Spiders in Illinois & Indiana

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At the intersection of the hot, dry summer months and the impending chill of winter, spiders of all varieties find themselves in ideal environments here in Illinois & Indiana. Spiders are hard to pin down as a species—some prefer moisture and cooler temperatures, others enjoy heat and aridity. This is why autumn is a notoriously spider-filled season.

Are you starting to see an increase in spider activity inside your house? Our spider specialists at Anderson Pest Solutions are here to teach you why that may be, what kind of spiders you may be dealing with, and what you can do about it. Read on to learn!

Why Are There Spiders in the House?

As noted earlier, it is hard to reduce every spider species to a set of tendencies and preferences. There could be a variety of reasons why spiders are in your home, and each could be attracting a different species. Here are a few qualities to watch out for:

  1. Aridity: Many house spiders are attracted to dry, dusty, and often elevated areas. These can offer warm places for shelter or an escape from predators.
  2. Moisture: Conversely, many spiders will often be found around excess moisture buildup. This doesn’t necessarily provide them with an ideal living environment, but it will certainly expedite their hunting process. Many kinds of insects are attracted to moisture.
  3. Clutter: Spiders need a place to hide, just like all other kinds of pests. Having clutter build up in your home can lead to gatherings of spiders and other critters.

Common Spiders in Illinois & Indiana

There are three spiders that we see most commonly in our customers’ homes in Illinois & Indiana. Here’s how you can identify which one you’re dealing with:

  • Cellar spiders: Often confused with “daddy long-legs” spiders, cellar spiders have tiny bodies with long, slender legs. They build their webs in the low corners of basements and attics.
  • Cobweb spiders: These spiders are the least committed of any in the region. They get their name from the temporary webs that they leave all over your home. If you see random spider webs popping up inside, look for black or brown spiders with 1/2” long bodies near your floors, crawl spaces, and garage.
  • Yellow sac spiders: Yellow sac spiders build 1 inch wide “sacs” to hide from predators in. Like the cobweb spider, they would rather build a new one than return to their old one, so look out for tiny yellow spiders if you stumble upon their work.

Anderson Pest Solutions’ Spider Control

It can be hard to discern the reason for which spiders are coming into your home. When you’re out of luck and can’t seem to find it, you can count on your local pest control company for help. The spider removal experts at Anderson Pest Solutions have decades of experience removing spiders from homes in Illinois & Indiana and can quickly and effectively identify and get rid of spiders in yours next. Contact us today for a free quote!

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