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In Illinois and Indiana, pests are a fact of life in the summertime. None is more of a nuisance than the mosquito, which is most active at dawn and dusk. Unfortunately, mosquitoes could be breeding right in your backyard without you even knowing it. Female mosquitoes need just half an inch of water in which to lay their eggs. Any container with stagnant water could provide them with the spot they need, making it crucial to routinely check your property for common mosquito breeding grounds.

By eliminating these, you can force mosquitoes to look elsewhere for an area to breed. Keep reading for expert tips from Anderson on getting rid of mosquitoes this summer.

Where Do You Find Mosquito Breeding Grounds?

After breeding, female mosquitoes can lay anywhere from 100-300 eggs at a time. Once the larvae hatch, the mosquitoes will become adults within two week’s time. Because they can reproduce so quickly, it is very important to learn how to stop them from breeding in your yard in the first place. A few of the most common mosquito breeding grounds to look out for include:

  • Birdbaths
  • Gutters
  • Mud pots
  • Tree stumps & wood piles
  • Children’s play sets
  • Trash cans
  • Old Tires
  • Pools & spas

Mosquito prevention tips in Chicago IL homes - Anderson Pest Solutions

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Any body of stagnant water on your property will attract mosquitoes and provide females with a spot to lay their eggs. If any of the above items harbor standing water, make sure to routinely dump out the water. Also consider dumping out the water altogether. Female mosquitoes need just a half inch of water to breed, making it important to stay on top of inspecting areas in your yard for that. It’s also smart to install screens on windows and interior doors of your home, reduce outdoor lighting at night, fix water leaks, keep your lawn trimmed, and use mosquito repellents following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Avoid Mosquito Problems This Summer

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in the summertime. No one wants to deal with hoards of them every time they step out into their backyard, making it important to do all you can to stop them. If trying to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds has proved difficult, it’s best to contact your local mosquito exterminator for additional control services. The team at Anderson can keep you mosquito-free!

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