The Problem with Electronic Rodent Control

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Rodents cause a primal reaction in humans, and with good reason. Rats, mice, and other rodent types carry disease and create other types of hazards in human habitats. If you’ve spotted these pests on your property, effective rodent control is in order. If you’re tempted to go the DIY route, Anderson Pest Solutions explains why professional pest control services are a must at your home or business in DeKalb, IL.

Unproven Rodent Control Capabilities

In 2001, the Federal Trade Commission required companies to produce evidence that their devices work. Most studies proved very little in terms of effectiveness. Test conditions were often different than those in a typical home as well, with few obstacles between sound waves and pests to impede their progress.

Limitations of Electronic Rodent Repellent Devices

Electronic pest repellents sound like a great idea; they’re presented as safe, easy ways to keep mice and rats out of your home. These devices have the following limitations built in, though:

  • They rely on the rodent being in their path to work
  • Pests get used to the sound, so it bothers them less over time
  • They only work in the room where they’re located
  • Furniture and walls can block the weak sound waves produced by the devices

Unless you want to remove all your furniture and tear down your walls, this may not be the best way to keep your DeKalb, IL property rodent-free.

The Need for Reliable Pest Control

It’s obvious that these devices only work under very specific conditions, if at all. When a rodent invasion is underway in your home or business, you need a solution you can count on to work quickly and efficiently. Rats, mice, and other rodents endanger your property and its inhabitants via diseases and bacteria. These include leptospirosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and even the bubonic plague. They also pose the threat of electrical fires from chewed wires.

It’s clear that these devices aren’t all that effective against rodents on their own. Some home and business owners may find them somewhat helpful as part of a comprehensive rodent control system, but even at under $10 apiece, the need to place one in every room makes them an impractical choice given their limited effectiveness. Contact Anderson Pest Solutions in DeKalb, IL for proven rodent and pest control.

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