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As the weather warms up all around Illinois & Indiana, many of us are enjoying spending more time out and about. However, we aren’t the only ones enjoying the sunshine. All sorts of pests are starting to emerge from their overwintering to feed and breed in our backyards. Are you looking to learn how to protect your backyard from pest infestations? Read on for advice from the expert technicians at Anderson Pest Solutions!

10 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Backyard

It’s crucial to start pest prevention measures as early as you can to prevent a pest-ridden spring season. When the weather warms up and the plants start growing after the rain, all sorts of bugs and wildlife make themselves hard to ignore. Here are 10 tips you should take to keep your backyard pest-free* through the summer:

  1. Keep plants trimmed: Plant overgrowth can lead to shaded and sheltered areas that ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and other pests hide in. Make sure to maintain the plants in your lawn to keep unnecessary shelters from developing.
  2. Get rid of still water: Standing water pools attract mosquitoes looking for sites to breed and lay their eggs. Cover or pour it out when you find standing water in gutters, buckets, planters, or elsewhere.
  3. Install garden netting: Garden netting can work to keep out common garden pests. You might be more aware of raccoons or squirrels in your garden, but gardens also attract beetles, aphids, spiders, and more bugs.
  4. Mow your lawn regularly: Letting your lawn grow out of hand can lead to trapped moisture and, in turn, a slew of new pests. Mow your lawn once weekly to prevent this from happening.
  5. Dethatch your lawn: A thin layer of thatch can provide an important layer of insulation for your lawn, but too much can suffocate your lawn and cause many kinds of pest infestations.
  6. Get rid of yard waste: Piles of yard waste will eventuate in hiding places for all kinds of pests, even rodents and wild animals that are aiming to get inside your home. Clear out yard waste often.
  7. Keep firewood away from your home: Piles of firewood stacked against your home or back deck can lead to termite infestations that end up costing you a fortune. Invest in a firewood rack or find a place to store your firewood above the ground and far away from any wooden structures.
  8. Close your trash bins: Pests as small as wasps and as big as opossums will forage through your open trash cans for food. Make sure they’re closed and at a distance from your backyard.
  9. Regulate your lawn’s water intake: It’s easy to underwater or overwater your lawn, and both of these problems can lead to lawn pest infestations. Installing a sprinkler or irrigation system can help keep your lawn healthy and keep pests away.
  10. Call an exterminator: A professionally trained exterminator will be able to figure out why you’re dealing with pests in your backyard and correct your issues.

Pest Control for Backyards in Illinois & Indiana

If you’ve tried everything you can to get rid of pests in your yard to no avail, it’s time to get your local pest control company involved. Our technicians at Anderson Pest Solutions have seen it all—we are equipped with the tools and techniques to keep all kinds of regional pests out of your backyard. We will also show you how your infestation started so you can properly prevent them on your own going forward. Reach out today for a free estimate!

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