Spiders and the Illinois Cold: Not the Escape You Expected

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If you harbor secret fears of spiders invading your home in droves this winter, put them to rest. The Illinois cold may drive you inside, but spiders have different ways of warding off chills during the colder months. The spider control experts at Anderson Pest Solutions explain the defense mechanisms designed to help arachnids survive the cold, and why you might still see spiders in your home this winter.

Outdoor Spiders’ Natural Defenses Against the Cold

Many types of spiders are built to withstand the cold. Although these cold-blooded creatures’ body temperatures match that of their surroundings, their bodies develop a sort of antifreeze that accumulates in their tissues. This compound lowers the temperature at which crystals form in their veins, keeping them from freezing to death. Outdoor spiders only die when temperatures drop dramatically and their bodies have no time to prepare for the bitter-cold conditions.

Hiding Out from the Illinois Cold

These spiders combine the benefits of their own internal “antifreeze” with heat-seeking behaviors. They look for various types of outdoor shelter, including the insides of logs, detached structures such as sheds and garages, and beneath rocks or leaves. Another popular hiding place is the naturally insulated area between the ground and snow. Once settled into this relatively warm spot, they remain as still as possible to save energy.

Why You Need Winter Pest Control Treatments

If spiders can live outside in the winter, why do you still see them in your home? The uncomfortable truth is that they’ve probably been there all along. Most calls for professional spider control are for house spiders. These domesticated arachnids have likely been hanging out in your garage, wall voids, attic, or other hidden-away spots throughout the warmer months. If they’ve just come indoors, the cold has slowed them down considerably. 

Keep Spiders Out of Your Home with Anderson Pest Solutions

Whatever the reason for recent house spider appearances, you may be a little anxious about sharing your home with these creepy-crawlies. Ensure that your home remains arachnid-free with expert pest control treatments. Anderson Pest Solutions provides effective spider control and web removal services to residential and commercial customers in Chicagoland and beyond. Contact us today for a free quote!

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