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Although rodents are a pest problem all year long here in the Midwest, wintertime is when rats and mice look to get inside your cozy, warm home. In partnership with PestWorld, the NPMA recently released their 2021 Fall & Winter Bug Barometer® predicting a significant increase in rodent activity this time of year due to the cold temperatures and below-average precipitation. Needless to say, no one wants to deal with rodent infestation—especially during the holiday season. To prevent them, it’s important to understand why rodent activity is on the rise as well as how you can make your property less attractive to them in the first place. The experts at Anderson Pest Solutions are here to help.

Pest Infestations During the Winter

According to the NPMA’s team of entomologists, our region experienced prolonged summer pest activity. Namely, stinging insect problems. These pests may still be lingering around on warm days, even in November. The most concerning prediction, however, is the expected increase in rodent activity this winter. Rodents in particular are known for heading indoors this time of year to wait out the cold months ahead. No one wants to share their home with rats and mice over the holiday season, making it important to implement winter pest control before they get indoors.

NPMA Bug Barometer 2021

Where Do Rats and Mice Live Inside?

Rats and mice are infamous for squeezing their way inside tiny cracks and crevices to gain access to your basement, attic, or another area. Once indoors, they can quickly make a mess. Rats and mice use all types of materials to build nests, chew on everything nonstop (electrical wires included), and can create a health hazard with their droppings.

Depending on whether you have rats or mice, they tend to dwell in different areas of your home:

  1. Rats: Norway rats are known to burrow beneath the very foundation of your home, and are thus found in basements, crawl spaces, and more. Roof rats, however, prefer to live in higher areas of a property, including inside of wall voids or inside attics and chimneys.
  2. Mice: House & deer mice alike will seek out dark, undisturbed places in the home to nest. With their small size, they can nest in rooms, inside of furniture, and even behind warm appliances in your kitchen or basement.

How to Prevent a Rodent Infestation this Winter

With NPMA’s prediction of increased rodent activity this time of year, it’s more important than ever to team up with your local rodent control exterminators. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our experts will work hard to implement the best rodent exclusion tactics to keep rats and mice away for good.

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