The Tools of the Termite Trade

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Close up of two termites

If you didn’t know that Termite Awareness Week starts on March 13, consider marking this unusual date on your calendar. Pest control professionals across Illinois strongly recommend that home and business owners stay alert for termite swarms this time of year. When you know what to look for, it’s easier to identify and eliminate this pest before it causes expensive damage.

Subterranean Trouble

They’re small, but the annual bill for their destructive habits adds up to almost $5 billion. Approximately 600,000 homes deal with termite invasions every year, and the subterranean species is the main culprit here in Illinois. Their swarms can start as early as February, but they don’t attack your home right away. Instead, subterranean termites build their nests under the lawn where they settle in and start foraging for food. Their extensive networking leads them to the house, and the colony begins feeding on its wood structure.

Signs of Infestation

Swarming termites are always a sure sign that you need professional pest control, but the insects’ foraging patterns also give clues about their presence in your home. As they travel back and forth from their underground colonies into the house, termites build small mud tubes along exterior walls and the foundation. Eventually, the tunnels show up on interior basement walls, window trim and door frames. You also often see termite damage in wood that looks honeycombed around the grain and paint that appears bubbled or cracked.

Eco-Effective IPM Tools

Termite control is never a DIY project. Subterranean colonies can extend hundreds of feet from your home, and their average depth is 18 inches. As the state’s leader in pest solutions, we put special tools and techniques to work that solve the problem from under your lawn to inside the house. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach combines monitoring and bait stations, soil treatments and barrier protection. By addressing termite invasions with IPM practices, we deliver eco-effective solutions, and we back our work with our Anderson Guarantee.

Understanding pest problems always makes them easier to solve, and we’re happy to share information about different insects that invade Illinois homes and businesses. We specialize in environmentally responsible termite control, so give us a call at the first sign of trouble. Anderson Pest Solutions stands ready to take care of your property with the very best tools of the termite trade.