Downers Grove, IL Pest Control

Downers Grove, IL Pest Control

Downers Grove, Illinois

The town of Downers Grove, IL may tout itself as “Apostrophe-free since 1873,” but one thing this Chicago suburb isn’t free of is pests. Boasting a bustling retail and commercial industry due to housing the regional headquarters of several engineering and telecommunications giants, Downers Grove is also home to a branch of the healthcare-focused Midwestern University. With so much going on between its borders, it’s no wonder that local home and business owners have to deal with an active pest population, too. Luckily, they know exactly who to call for fast, effective pest extermination – Anderson Pest Solutions.

Common pests like ants, flies, and roaches don’t stand a chance against our industry-leading pest control techniques, including our one-of-a-kind pestfree365 program. This treatment plan provides homeowners in Downers Grove, IL with year-round protection for their property from over 36 different seasonal pests. Our pest management professionals have the expertise you need, so you and your family can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be living a pest-free lifestyle all year long.

At Anderson, we look out for Downers Grove business owners as well. Our Natural Choice® Commercial program is specifically designed to provide pest control solutions that are simple and non-intrusive, allowing you to address any pest problems quickly without sacrificing productivity. Schools, healthcare facilities, and even Fortune 500 companies know how important it is to avoid a reputation for harboring pests. Our dedicated pest technicians will work with you closely, tailoring our program to fit your unique needs.

Remove Rodents from Your Property in Downers Grove

As winters get warmer and less severe, rodent populations will only continue to grow, causing havoc for home and business owners alike. Rats and mice want to come inside for the same reasons we do: access to food, water, and shelter. The difference is that they’re terrible roommates, and will eat you out of house and home – not to mention spread disease – if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, most rodents can squeeze through gaps as small as a dime, so to make sure your home is protected, you’ll need to contact the rodent control professionals at Anderson. We’ll conduct a full inspection of your property, set traps, and seal gaps to take care of your rat and mice problems once and for all.

Why Choose Anderson?

All our pest control services in Downers Grove, IL are performed by our trained and certified technicians and backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. Whether you choose us for residential or commercial pest control, you can expect the same courteous service, quick response time and effective solutions we’re known for. Our GreenPro certification means you can feel confident our pest management solutions will be safe for your family, your pets and your property, as well as the environment.

Anderson Pest Solutions is a full-service pest control and wildlife removal company. For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest issues in Downers Grove, IL, schedule service now, call us today at 866.696.2847, fill out our Request Service form online, or send an e-mail to