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Village Hall, Highland Park, Illinois

Anderson Pest Solutions has been a part of North Shore life since the company’s founding nearly a century ago in 1913. And we’ve provided Highland Park pest control that has set the standard for environmental responsibility.

Highland Park pest control — Year-round protection that’s easy on the environment, tough on pests…

Pest problems at home? Our pestfree365 protection treatment plan ensures your home and family is protected year round from over 36 different pests that appear with each new season. Anderson’s pestfree365 is more than a preventative pest program, it’s a promise that we will provide pest free living for your family all year long.

All pest control services are performed by our GreenPro trained and certified technicians and backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. We’re there within a day and we do the job right. Guaranteed.

Some of our most popular exterminator services:

There are Three Great Reasons to Choose Anderson:

1. Best-trained, certified technicians in the industry:

  • Every technician’s background is checked
  • Every technician is screened for drugs
  • Intensive initial training
  • Recurring monthly and annual training
  • Certification required for continued advancement

2. Reliable, guaranteed results:

  • Courteous service, usually within hours
  • Tailored, proven solutions backed by our Guarantee
  • Thorough documentation after each service

3. Best-practices recognition from GreenPro:

  • The mark of excellence in pest management
  • Safe for kids and pets

Anderson Pest Solutions is a full service pest control and wildlife removal company that is entirely family-owned and operated. We service the entire state of Illinois, as well as Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri. For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest issues in Highland Park, Illinois, schedule service now, call us today at 866.696.2847, fill out our Request Service form online, or e-mail to 4info@anderpest.com.