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Kenilworth, IL Pest control

Residence, Kenilworth, Illinois

Just 15 miles north of downtown Chicago, the village of Kenilworth, IL is one of the newest suburban North Shore communities, and certainly one of the most sought-after places to live in the area. However, it takes a lot to keep pests out. The residents of Kenilworth realize that pest problems affect everyone, and they know that when it comes to effective local pest control, it pays to call in the experts. Anderson Pest Solutions is proud to offer our extermination expertise to the people of Kenilworth and the rest of the North Shore.

Our pestfree365 program is a popular choice for those dealing with common Illinois pests like ants, flies, and roaches. This exclusive pest protection plan ensures your home and family are protected year-round from over 36 different seasonal pests in Kenilworth, IL. The pestfree365 program is more than just a protection plan; it’s our guarantee that you can rely on our 100-plus years of pest control experience to get the job done quickly and effectively, providing you and your family with pest-free living all year long.

Businesses in Kenilworth, IL work hard to serve their exclusive clientele, so they need a pest control solution that works just as hard for them. The good news is that Anderson’s Natural Choice® Commercial program can be tailored to fit any non-residential environment. Our trained technicians follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to deliver year-round, environmentally responsible pest control that minimizes the need for harmful chemical pesticides.

Let Anderson Take Care of Termites in Kenilworth

Termites are silent invaders that can wreak havoc on the foundation of your home or business without you even knowing it. Though they’re best known for attacking wood, termites will eat pretty much anything, from paper and cardboard products to furniture and other precious items. Think you’re safe because your home exterior isn’t made of wood? Think again: Every home has plenty of wooden doors, support beams, and shelving that’s at risk. Because new colonies can appear quickly and remain relatively undetected, you’ll need the help of a pest management professional to find and eliminate infestations before they become severe. At Anderson, our technicians have the termite control experience necessary to not only remove termites, but keep them out for good.

Why Choose Anderson?

All our pest control services in Kenilworth, IL are performed by our trained and certified technicians and backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. Whether you choose us for residential or commercial pest control, you can expect the same courteous service, quick response time and effective solutions we’re known for. Our GreenPro certification means you can feel confident our pest management solutions will be safe for your family, your pets and your property, as well as the environment.

Anderson Pest Solutions is a full-service pest control and wildlife removal company. For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest issues in Kenilworth, IL, schedule service now, call us today at 866.696.2847, fill out our Request Service form online, or send an e-mail to