What are Chikungunya & West Nile Viruses?

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Learn about Chikungunya and West Nile Virus in IL and IN - Anderson Pest SolutionsAlmost everyone knows that mosquitoes can spread disease, but few people are aware of how truly dangerous they can be. Over the past decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has closely studied the habits of mosquitoes and the diseases they spread, which has led to some alarming findings. Some of the diseases spread by mosquitoes include West Nile, chikungunya, dengue fever, Zika virus, and more. With global travel more common than ever, the threat of mosquitoes has become all too real for people all over the world.

Are West Nile and Chikungunya Viruses Dangerous?

In over 100 countries, nearly 2.5 billion people have been exposed to diseases spread by mosquitoes at some point or another. West Nile and chikungunya spread rapidly and can be difficult to contain. When inflicted with either of these diseases, the symptoms are not often noticed by victims. That said, the diseases tend to be prevalent enough in hosts that they are re-transmitted when mosquitoes who haven’t been exposed attempt to feed on contaminated individuals. Because fevers are common, it can be hard to determine whether the cause was a mosquito-borne illness. However, these viruses will show up when people are tested, especially in the summer.

Where are West Nile and Chikungunya Most Common?

Because these two viruses are found in many places, it’s hard to know where the diseases are most common. When looking at mosquito breeding populations and infection rates, however, it does appear that areas in the southern ares of the world are most commonly affected. Because these parts of the world tend to have a high concentration of water, marshlands, and humidity, mosquitoes can breed quicker and easier. This is why it’s important to take precautions while traveling in areas with hot and humid climates. Some of the ways you exercise caution include:

  • Be mindful of traveling to areas with limited medical supplies.
  • If you are in an area known for mosquitoes, always wear repellent and long-sleeved clothing.
  • Take mosquito bites seriously and seek medical attention if necessary.

How to Prevent Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance. Especially in certain areas of the world, they can spread illness and disease. If you believe that you are going to be in an area where mosquito populations are high, be sure to take extra precautions. For more information about mosquitoes, the experts at Anderson Pest Solutions are happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more!

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