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How to Prep Your House for Mosquito Season

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How to prepare your home for mosquito season in Chicago IL and beyond - Anderson Pest SolutionsMosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance—they are dangerous as well! A mosquito bite typically causes some redness and itching, but mosquitoes are infamous for carrying several vector-borne diseases, such as Zika virus, dengue fever, chikungunya, malaria, and more. For this reason alone, it’s crucial to know how to protect your property from mosquitoes every year to keep you and your family safe.

When is Mosquito Season?

For the most part, mosquitoes become more active during the warmer months of the year, which is why they’re considered summer pests. The mosquito season typically begins in the early spring and peaks over the summer. They are also active in humid, muggy weather, which is why they are still a problem during the late summer. In the fall, populations will begin to thin out and they may disappear entirely for several months before spring rolls around once more. The most effective time of the year to protect your home from mosquitoes is in the winter. By implementing preventative measures now, you will be able to prevent mosquito problems down the road!

Preparing Your Home for Mosquitoes

To keep mosquitoes away from your property in the spring and summer, you should always inspect your home for possible mosquito attractants.

  1. Check areas with standing water.
    • Never leave out containers that can hold standing water after rainfall.
    • Empty buckets, folded tarpaulins, pet food bowls, and birdbaths.
    • If you have ponds, consider getting frogs or fish that may feed on mosquitoes.
  2. Inspect the foundation of your property.
    • Check and clean out the eaves, roof gutters, and plastic drain pipes in your home
    • Install tight-fitting screens on all door and windows in your property.
    • Repair any foundation issues that may contribute to moisture problems.
  3. Maintain your lawn and shrubs.
    • Mosquitoes will rest on shrubs and grasses when not feeding. Trim all bushes and keep grass cut at a low level.

Professional Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes can be dangerous pests, which is why you need to protect your property from them. If you are looking for professional help for mosquito prevention or control, the team at Anderson Pest Solutions is happy to help. Not only can we help protect your home, but we can administer repellents that are proven to keep mosquitoes away all season long. Call our team today to learn more!

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