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What is the Lifespan of a Mosquito?

Mosquitoes typically live for one to two months. However, they are constantly reproducing during this time, meaning the population is in a constant cycle. The process from the eggs hatching to developing into full-grown adults takes about 14 days. At that point, the adult mosquitoes will begin to breed and lay eggs to continue the cycle.

Mosquitoes will die off when the temperatures begin to drop, when they are eaten by a predator, or naturally in about one to two months.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Mosquito in Illinois and Indiana; Anderson Pest Solutions

Mosquito Life Cycle

The mosquito life cycle takes about two weeks. Most commonly, the mosquito breeding process is as follows:

  1. Female mosquitoes must first find a blood meal in order to breed. After feeding, they will lay their eggs on or near standing water.
  2. The eggs will hatch within one to three days. When the larvae emerge from their eggs, they are typically seen writhing around in the water. The larvae then feed on algae, protozoans, and other organic substances.
  3. About a week or 10 days after hatching, the larvae reach the pupal stage. At this point, they spend a couple of days at the surface of the water to acclimate to the air.
  4. The full-grown mosquito emerges after about three days in the pupal stage. Adult mosquitoes are already able to breed after about one day. Female mosquitoes can reproduce and lay eggs for most of their lifetime.

How Long Can Mosquitoes Live For?

Male mosquitoes, which feed off of the nectar of plants, usually live for only a week or two. On the other hand, female mosquitoes can live for over a month. In the right conditions, unhatched mosquito eggs are able to survive for many months before hatching. Although mosquitoes have a relatively short life cycle, their quick and constant reproductive patterns sustain high mosquito populations during the summer months.

How Do Mosquitoes Die?

Contrary to what some believe, mosquitoes do not die after biting someone. Female mosquitos will actually continue to feed throughout their lifetime. Mosquitoes will naturally die after a month or two or when the warmer temperatures of spring and summer come to an end. They are simply unable to survive at temperatures lower than 50 degrees. Females will occasionally hibernate, and unhatched eggs can survive the colder winter months when left alone.