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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Unlike some types of pest treatments, mosquito treatments typically only last for one to two months. The longevity of a mosquito treatment depends on the weather, environment, and the mosquito population size.

When you work with a professional mosquito control expert, they will determine when your Illinois and Indiana home or property needs to be treated again for mosquito problems. The goal is to provide continual protection against mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer, which is when these pests are most active. 

How Long Does A Mosquito Treatment Last in Illinois and Indiana; Anderson Pest Solutions

Is More Than One Mosquito Treatment Necessary?

Especially in the summertime, you may need more than one mosquito treatment to protect your home against mosquitoes. After a month or so, the repellent that was applied will begin to degrade, therefore weakening the barrier around your yard. Your professional mosquito control expert will know when it is time to reapply treatment for your yard in order to provide continual protection against mosquitoes.

How Often Do I Need Mosquito Treatment?

After you’ve had your yard treated for mosquitoes, it’s still important to do your part in preventing mosquitoes in your yard. To ensure the mosquito treatment has the best chance at succeeding, practice the following routine on a regular basis:

  1. Inspect your yard every week during mosquito season to look for signs of activity.
  2. Tip-over any containers that have accumulated standing or stagnant water.
  3. When spending time outside, use a fan to discourage mosquitoes from gathering.

Mosquito Treatment Timeline in Illinois and Indiana

Mosquito treatment should start in the spring or April here in Illinois and Indiana. After the initial treatment, your professional mosquito control expert will work with you to determine when you may need to be re-treated. This could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks after the initial repellent application. If during the first month you notice the repellent is not effective, it’s important to always reach out to your exterminator for assistance.

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