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Anderson Pest Solutions provides exceptional Rodent Control with Exclusion Landscaping in Illinois and Indiana.

Most large metropolitan areas battle with common pests on a regular basis, but Chicago and the surrounding areas are seeing a rapid increase with one pest in particular: rodents! While most people think of rodents as nesting in buildings, they also will nest underground–within your landscape! Ground squirrels, rats, and mice are burrowers, and if they’re allowed to breed, can completely destroy landscaping in a matter of months.

Anderson Pest Solutions is proud to offer a new service: an anti-rodent wire mesh, designed to allow your landscape to flourish, while protecting your plants and trees from common rodents!

Rodent Nests Underneath Landscape Elements

Rodents are burrowers, whether it’s in a building or within the ground, and they will so anything to gain access to a safe and comfortable environment. Sometimes this means getting inside a building–but more often than not, it means burrowing underneath your property.

These burrows aren’t limited to one or two holes, either. If rodents of any kind are allowed underneath the soil, they will continue to breed, reproducing rapidly and spreading throughout your landscaped areas. They will tunnel under gardens, mulch, bushes, trees, and grass. Worse yet–once they take over your landscaping, they will be tempted to spread even further, looking for access to your building! No one wants rats in the parking lot–but we absolutely don’t want rats in your commercial property!

Protect Your Property with Rodent Proof Wire Mesh

Anderson Pest Solutions has partnered with Xcluder to install a specially-designed, rodent-proof system for your exterior landscaping. Xcluder has developed a state-of-the-art wire mesh, with closely woven metal fibers. Unlike open-mesh systems, this completely prevents rodents from burrowing underneath the soil. It can be cut to fit any size or shape, and we recommend installing it during the landscaping process, before any sod or plants are placed. This rodent proof wire mesh is recommended for:

  • Shopping centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Universities and schools
  • Large industrial campuses
  • Multi-family housing
  • And any commercial space with beautiful landscaping!

You’ve worked hard to make sure your exterior landscape reflects quality and professionalism–don’t let rodents destroy your hard work!

Installing Xcluder Rodent Proof Mesh

The process with Anderson is simple:

  • We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your commercial facility.
  • We’ll recommend specific rodent exclusion services.
  • We’ll examine the exterior landscaping, identifying where we would install the mesh.
  • We’ll work with you and your budget, to determine the most effective solutions for your commercial property.

Anderson Pest Solutions is committed to sustainable, preventative pest control. Using our expertise and experience with rodents, we provide the most efficient rodent control methods in the area.

Professional Rodent Control for Commercial Landscaping

At Anderson Pest Solutions, we take a total approach to pest control. We do more than treat pest problems: we want every aspect of your commercial property to be completely protected from pests, and exclusion methods go a long way toward preventing future issues. By installing our rodent proof wire mesh, you’re taking an important step toward protecting your property for years to come. If you’d like to know more about our exceptional rodent exclusion services, contact Anderson today!

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Rodent Control with Exclusion Landscaping Serving Illinois and Indiana

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